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Specialty Referral

Specialty Referral

Specialty Referral services offered in Denver, CO

If you’ve been diagnosed with a complex medical condition and need specialist care, turn to Denver Medical Concierges in Denver, Colorado. Mary Chambers, DNP, CNM, RN, and her team offer specialty referrals for adults throughout Colorado. Schedule a telehealth or in-person evaluation by phone or request one online today to receive referrals that can improve your health. 

Specialty Referral Q & A

What is a specialty referral?

A specialty referral at Denver Medical Concierges is a recommendation for care from another health care provider who specializes in the condition you’ve been diagnosed with. For example, if you have heart disease, you can receive a referral to a cardiologist, and if you have cancer, you’ll need a referral to an oncologist. 

Who is a candidate for a specialty referral?

You might be a candidate for a specialty referral if you have:

  • A complex or severe medical problem
  • A rare disorder
  • Debilitating symptoms
  • A potentially life-threatening condition 
  • Not responded to traditional treatment options
  • A need for longer-term care

The experts at Denver Medical Concierges provide referrals to highly trained specialists in your area. The Denver Medical Concierge team can care for you while you’re waiting to see a longer-term care provider.

What are the benefits of seeing a specialist?

The benefits of seeing a specialist for a complex medical problem include:

  • Effective and long-term disease management
  • Lower risk of life-threatening complications
  • Fewer bothersome symptoms
  • Better health outcomes

The Denver Medical Concierges team refers to specialists with proven track records of success. Some specialists only see patients referred by a primary care provider. 

What happens before receiving a specialty referral?

Before receiving a referral, you’ll visit with a Denver Medical Concierges specialist virtually via your phone, tablet, or other device. In-person and home visits are also available in some cases.

Your provider discusses your medical history, medications, lifestyle, symptoms, vital signs, and more to gather the information needed to make an informed recommendation about your treatment.

They might suggest completing diagnostic testing, such as lab tests, lung- or heart-function tests, or imaging procedures.

The Denver Medical Concierges team sees patients within 24 hours and accepts Colorado Medicaid, cash payments, and concierge medicine monthly membership fees. 

The practice treats many conditions and offers referrals for longer-term care, surgeries, or complex medical challenges.

What can I expect afterward?

After receiving a referral and seeing your specialist, Denver Medical Concierges can still address any primary care concerns, such as many chronic diseases, injuries, or acute illnesses. The team is available anytime you have questions about your health or treatment plan.

Schedule a telehealth or in-person appointment at Denver Medical Concierges by phone or request one online today to determine if a specialty referral is right for you.